New Data Input Methods Are 2012 Technology Trends

Among the top technology trends for 2012, new ways to input data or communicate with your smartphone, computer, or internet-enabled television will dominate what is coming onto the market. Instead of pointing and clicking with a mouse, users will have the option to use touch, voice, and gestures to interact with their computing devices.

Touch Control

Most people likely are most familiar with the touch control. Phones, laptops, and even desktop computers have a growing number of touch screens available. Instead of using an external device or keyboard to input data, more people will begin to touch the screen to click links, send emails, and make purchases online. The touch screen market is expected to be worth around $5 billion in 2012 as more people move toward this model.

Voice-Activated Controls

When Siri came out in 2011, the idea of having a computerized “personal assistant” moved from the realm of quirky, futuristic movies to real and handheld. Siri is the voice-controlled assistant on the iPhone 4S. Users can ask her questions, such as where to find a wine bar or how close the nearest public parking is, and they will receive an answer from a female voice. While initial reports suggest that the concept still needs some work to understand questions, the idea is generally a popular one.

Android users also can use voice control to search Google or use the Google Navigation application. Voice-activated controls have progressed rapidly from “talk-type” programs that were error-prone. Instead these technologies will begin to expand as companies devise better ways to send text messages, make to do lists, and even change the channel on the television using only voice commands.

Gestural Control

The 2002 movie Minority Report presented this technology to the general public, and the idea may become popularized a decade later. The idea behind gestural control is that people should be able to use hand movements and facial gestures to interact with technological devices. The Xbox Kinect uses this technology by allowing users to play games using a wireless signal between the users and the console. In 2012, expect to see more spatial gesture technologies that will aloe people to “wave” their commands at a screen.

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  1. Well we are running towards becoming the futuristic world the movies had shown us for 30 years. I’m an OK with touch control, but am not sure about voice control, it is beginning to be too much, does it not? 10 more years and we will have humanoid robots to clean the house… 50 more and we will fight them for our lives a s a minority… :)

  2. When Siri came out I was very suspicious about this new computerized “personal assistant” but was really amazed after trying it on my new iPhone4S. We are living in the great time!

  3. Love to see all of those feature on mobiles. I know some are already there…Lets see,,

  4. I’m excited to see the Voice-Activated Controls appear on a tv. Microsoft attempts with the kinect is far from perfect. I’m convinced Apple will do a lot better in 2012.

  5. I subscribe to Carol’s comment. Next is thought controlled devices. I think we’re making good progress.

  6. This is the future ladies and gentlemen, we are talking to our devices, and they are responding! The first time a friend of mine showed me Siri on his 4G I was blown away, of course the program still needs a little bit of work, but I still couldn’t believe how intuitive it was. Voice activated television sounds like a great idea, and who knows what else will be activated in the future? “Toaster, light toast please.”

  7. 2012 will be exciting for all those gadget lover. I’m waiting for the Sony PSVita.

  8. I can’t believe that technology has gone this far. Before, most of these technologies were just seen by movies or games and now it’s an application. People can use it for convenience and save time. Technology changes so fast that we also need to adapt all of them so that we will be up to date in Information Technology.

  9. Quadcore on mobile device are great but I guess it’s too much power for such a device and will surely drained the battery, mobility is gone.

  10. The touch control is really tending nowadays, Just like smart phones. Most people us it because it’s convenient. For gestural control, I think it’s more on gaming features. It can also make you healthy because of the exercise not only to enjoy it but to also be physically fit. Well there are also pros and cons for all of these but let’s view it as an innovation of the world which is a good thing.

  11. Using a touch interface can effectively increase operator accuracy, reduce training time, and improve overall operational efficiencies, thus keeping costs down.

  12. The touch screen interface is useful in systems ranging from industrial process control to home automation. By integrating the input device with the display, valuable workspace can be saved. And with a graphical interface, operators can monitor and control complex operations in real-time by simply touching the screen.

  13. PSVita is already available in the market. What I’m waiting is the Samsung flagship phone.

  14. Touch control is one of the data input methods. Very useful and enjoyable to use.

  15. I like this article, it’ really trending these days as I have observe in the techie people around the world. It’s really different now because I’ve seen that technology is fast-moving in terms of innovation which is also good. There are things that will make us comfortable and will be suitable or handy without getting tired easily which is an advantage in this world.

  16. We are living in exciting times watching our daily lives be changed by ideas once presented in fiction novels! Not sure I’m ready to pull up to someone painting their nails in the driver seat yet!

  17. Hey guys,
    Check out this interesting video on Gestural Control on TED.

  18. This technology are really great makes things easier. What I want to see is the new technology develop by Microsoft which is the hologram interface.

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    and I am impressed! Extremely useful info particularly the last
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    Thank you and good luck.

  20. Touch screen technology has important benefits regarding costs, such as training time and increased efficiency. Use the basic functions of touch screens, thereby increasing efficiency in commercial environments.

  21. Voice control is getting more sophistacted by the second! Siri with the iPhone is okay, but what is amazing is the amount of room for improvement she has. Hopefully Apple can stay on the right track without Steve Jobs. Android themselves released a new voice control to mimic Siri. It’s not as personal to you, but it is also a lot more functional for the basic user.

  22. I think that a lot of work still needs to be done on voice controls in order to make it useful daily, at the moment it still isn’t perfect. I do, however, love touch controls (especially the multi-touch on Apple’s iPhone and iPad).
    Miles´s last blog post ..Xvid Download

  23. It’s incredible how fast everything evolves. It’s great that we are now experiencing with our own hands what we could only see in futuristic movies a lot of years ago!

  24. Hey, that is good article. I love my touch screen kindle fire and cell phone. Touch screens are fun and easy to use. I like the keyboard too, but the touch screen is way cooler.

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