Merged my personal mobile phone with my work mobile using Google Voice!

When I started this job a few years ago, the department admin handed me a phone which would be my work mobile, and it had already been activated. So I now had two cell phones to carry around. Most of the time, I felt as if I really had to carry both of them, because for different reasons, I didn’t want to miss a call or text aimed at either phone!

I got Google Voice as soon as it came out, because I love all things Google, but that was a third number entirely, so aside from a new number to give to new contacts, it didn’t solve the problem of all the people who had my personal cell phone number and might try to reach me on it someday. Sure, I’d try to give people the Google Voice number and ask them to make a note of the change, but when it’s a business like a doctor we go to just once a year or my kid’s school, I could be sure that some data field somewhere would retain the old number and not get changed.  I’d had that personal cell phone for years and really couldn’t remember what all I’d used the number for.  So I continued to pay for the phone each month and carry it around everywhere I went, just in case.

Yesterday I finally made a move that will give me the best of all worlds. I ported my personal cell phone number to Google Voice. The process was really easy. Note – I was on a month-to-month basis with Verizon on my personal account by then. If you do this before your contract is up, then you’ll end up having to pay all the early cancellation fees to your cell phone provider.

I logged into Google voice and began the process of the port. To get it finished up, I needed to have the personal cell phone with me and turned on, because Google would call it and give me a short code I’d need to type in when asked, during the online process in Google Voice. The other thing I needed was my Verizon account number. At first it was rejected by Google Voice, but I just needed to remove the hyphen and we were in good shape.  Google charges a one-time fee of $20 to port your own mobile number to Google Voice, and I gladly did so.

Once I gave them all the information, Google indicated that the number would be ported in 24 hours and that text messages might not be working for three days.  Of course I started checking obsessively, but it really was around 24 hours after I initiated the port that I finally got the email I’d been looking for.

The email mentions how if you want to use that particular mobile phone, now you’ll have to get a new number for that phone, but I already have a cell phone, thank you – and can now just carry the ONE cell phone.  Also, Google Voice will keep your old GV number alive for a few months anyway, to give you time to alert your friends and family, but if you want to pay another one-time $20, you can keep that number too. You can’t call out “from” that old GV number, but you can sure give it to people and situations when you really don’t want to give out your “real” number but must give them a temporary way to reach you! Then you can use Google Voice to control when and who can call it!

Now anyone calling my personal cell number can be answered by my work cell phone, my home phone, or whatever phone I select.  I’m not receiving texts to it (yet) of course, but that’s no problem at all.  Thanks to Google, we’re getting into a situation where losing or breaking a physical device doesn’t mean we’re unreachable at a number we’re relying on, and we can add yet another layer of protection for our precious privacy and convenience.

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    1. It would be a good solution – but the phone I’m carrying is a Droid X which was purchased by the company I work for, so I don’t have a choice of device. Plus, I can now use Google Voice to make that “personal cell number” also ring on land lines or whatever I need, which would even free me of carrying the Droid all over my or someone else’s house on weekends and evenings.

  1. Great article. I never thought that we can merged two phones. I’m really interested in this but before going further i just want to make sure that the $20 fee is a one time charge, right? It sounds to good to be true. I look forward to your response.

    1. It sure is – a one time charge from Google to port your mobile phone number to Google Voice. It really has been working out great for me. I’m now receiving text messages people send to that personal cell phone number too. I can tell they’re forwarded from Google because of the (Google) number the message comes “from,” but then the message itself contains the cell phone number of the sender.

    1. Which dual sim phone do you hawe? I have tried few from dealextreme, but noon of them are realy usefull.

  2. Google voice is extremely powerful and cheap if you live in USA or Canada. Not that it’s too expensive for the rest of the world. I am sure that whoever needs this service can afford it and it would definitely be a great choice.

  3. very good for international calls but not for eweryday use, that is my opinion

  4. It is to cloumsey, you need computer, internet connection and gmail account. It is just to much thing to use it.

  5. It is also my problem. I have to carry to phones at the same time when travelling. I think Google Voice is not available in our country, but a dual-SIM Nokia phone solved my problems.

  6. I love Google Voice, always use it.

  7. Hello Christie, even i have been facing the same problem like you are facing but my case is much more worse because I have been working in India, and In india still The Google Voice is not completely functional and I regret for it. I hope I would get the easy solution like You got. Thanks for giving me an idea to think and try out in some other way.

  8. google voice is realy incredible. But I still don’t use it because it is much easier doing with fingers, and that’s how you awoid a lot of mistakes.

  9. Is anyone having problems calling out from one phone with cell numbers? I can receive my googlevoice calls and my work calls to my work phone, but when calling out I seem to have problems now. When trying call out using googlevoice, the call is being listed on my work cell Verison billing invoice. The contact list is merged into one list on the Android phone. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t want to use the work phone number for personal calls.

  10. I think it’s not a good idea to use a home phone with work phone. Kinda confuse with that. I think it’s not a good idea mixing work from home. But I found Google voice very cool doing these kind of stuff.

  11. I also love Google Voice and it also one of my favorite apps. I would like to personally thank you for sharing something that is helpful for many individuals wanting to multiple phone numbers and one device.

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