Help! My Yahoo Mail Search is broken!

It was so annoying, I could hardly believe my eyes when I tried to search my Yahoo mail a couple of weeks ago. The Yahoo Mail Search only got information for that day – and even as the days went by, mid-March was as far back as it went. I’ve had that Yahoo mail account since 1999, and the reason I’ve kept it over the years is that it has become an enormous database of all of the accounts in my blogging activities, domains bought, domains sold, forums joined, you name it. I don’t like having to transfer information to some other app or into a little notebook all the time, so out of sheer laziness I have just relied on searching Yahoo if I wanted to know what I’ve done in a given niche (forum accounts, etc.) or what that elusive Share-A-Sale user name is.

I searched for an answer and at first found a message from Yahoo saying that their engineers were aware of the problem and were working on it. But a couple of days ago I tried that again and found that they thought they HAD fixed it. It was time to get serious. Smile  I filled out the form in Yahoo Mail Customer Care and told them exactly what was happening.

It took about 36 hours, but this morning I got an email saying that they have fixed it (and YEA, they have!!)! So if Yahoo Mail Search is broken for you, don’t hesitate – let Customer Care know. It’s apparently a problem they must fix on a mailbox-by-mailbox basis.

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14 thoughts on “Help! My Yahoo Mail Search is broken!”

  1. I suggest you to use Gmail which is way safer than Hotmail and Yahoo. I always suggest my clients not to use Yahoo, and Gmail for business purposes or any serious emailing which may have some important information.

    1. Oh I totally agree. I have a lot of domains and could use one of them as my permanent email address. The reason I keep coming back to that Yahoo account is that I’ve had it for so many years so it’s my login for a lot of sites. I wish I could think of a good Gmail username (that isn’t taken) that I could use for that permanent general purpose email address!

  2. Correction ” I always suggest my clients not to use Yahoo, and Gmail for business purposes” Should be hotmail not Gmail.
    Do not click on any file or link on Yahoo from unknown senders which may help other part to run a script on your end and pull all your login information that is how they hack your Yahoo account.

  3. Well glad to hear that they already fix this issues of yours. It only proves that Yahoo has a good customer service for their subscribers. I’m also using yahoo mail for almost 10 years now and I can say that yahoo mail is one of the popular email provider out there.

  4. Gmail really is better. I think one way Yahoo has us “trapped” a little bit is that we can’t forward their mail to Gmail without paying. Google generously lets us forward Gmail to whatever we want. So to get everything “free,” I forward all Gmail accounts to that one Yahoo account and just open it each day and work from there. It’s going to take a little effort (and perhaps a little money to forward the Yahoo mail) to finally get away from doing that.

  5. My experience is that the gmail spam filter is better that Yahoo’s filter. In addition, google+ is pretty interesting and powerful. –Randy Neil Sherrod

  6. That’s why I prefer Google mail =)

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