Free SharePoint books downloadable from Technet

Technet is really a goldmine of totally free information about Microsoft products, including SharePoint, but sometimes we find ourselves searching the internet and reading article after article and wishing we had a way to organize SharePoint information so we could put our hands on it when we need it. Well actually Technet has FREE downloadable books which are also currently sold in print on Amazon for up to $66 each, so if you like free books or if you prefer to have a downloaded book and be able to use search to locate what you want (after all, you can’t grep dead trees, right) then the Technet Downloadable content for SharePoint Server 2010 is for you. There are lots of good downloadable books from getting started with SharePoint to planning guides, to all kinds of specific needs such as business continuity management, governance, profile synchronization, and of course the one we really want to see, the deployment guide.

There are also poster-sized technical SharePoint diagrams which can be downloaded in vsd, pdf, or xps format, on a variety of subjects covered by Technet articles. Each poster has links to the articles that go with it, so while you’re looking at a poster of planning services or search architecture, you can read the Technet articles that go with the poster.

If there’s a book or two you find yourself referring to often or wanting to really sit down and read, you may prefer to order SharePoint books from Amazon, but I’m really glad these books are available on demand, too. I like knowing I can just open something on my laptop and search for that pesky problem I know I saw somewhere in there…

You can download the books in a nice variety of formats including epub and mobi, so you should never be lacking for some poolside or beach reading. Pictured is the download form for the deployment guide: