Log in as a different Windows account to SQL Server Management Studio

Tweet There are times when you’ll need to use Windows authentication to get to SQL Server Management Studio, but the Windows login is not the one you’re currently logged into your computer with.  Perhaps you’re a consultant or IT worker and you have logins in several different domains.  Or if you’re working with an application […]

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How to find the Report Data tab in SSRS after closing it

Tweet Today I was rocking along in SSRS 2008R2 and then absent mindedly closed the Report Data tab by clicking the x at the top corner!  When I go to the View menu, I do NOT have the choice of Report Data. Never fear. I’ve found a few ways to get it back.  One way […]

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One or more parameters required to run the report has not been specified

Tweet I wrote a report in SSRS 2008 R2 last week and published it to a reports library on SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint-integrated Reporting Services).  The report worked well, but then the users decided they didn’t want a couple of the parameters.   I got back into BIDS and removed the two parameters from every place they […]

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