9 mm SFX Custom Contact Lenses – MiscBytes Niche of the Month!

This month’s niche of the month is 9 mm SFX , a custom contact lens company which specializes in theatrical and special effects contact lenses. Their contact lenses are responsible for a lot of the cool ocular special effects we see in many, many movies, commercials and music videos, and in fact 9 mm Special Effects is the worldwide leader in custom theatrical contact lenses. Enough of this boring talk! I know you want to see some pictures. Here are just a few of the lenses which I think we could use in our everyday lives.

Imagine it’s Friday and you want to leave the office early. Extra early. How about wearing the Ebola or Virus B or perhaps Jaundice lenses? I know if I’m your boss I’ll insist you go home immediately if you look like one of these!

You’re going to the prom and want to have something extra fancy for the evening. I’m sure your date would really be impressed if your eyes look like one of these!  Or maybe you have a blind date you really want to impress.  I’m sure if you show up wearing Jaws lenses he/she will never forget you! 

A contact lens prescription is required if you’d like to order lenses from 9mm SFX.  The prescription will give your base curve and diameter, so a contact lens prescription is needed for that purpose whether or not there is a vision correction prescription associated with the lenses.   A few of the lenses are totally opaque, but those are noted as “No Vision” on the web page.  These lenses currently range from about $150-450, and with proper care they can last for years.  Why not grab some before that next class reunion?

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    1. Hi Evan! Me t0o – I had enjoyed the fact that I don’t have to “mess with” contacts or glasses except for some optional glasses for driving at night, but these sure look like fun! Actually if we got a prescription for the diameter and base curve of the contact lenses (to make sure they fit our eyes) they don’t have to have a vision correction.

    1. Hi Deneil! They sure do. There are some really weird ones on their site, including some with a horizontal pupil (The Goat, I think) as well as some with slitted pupils like a cat has. If you ever get some, take your picture and put it on your blog! A Halloween video, perhaps. 😉

    1. Hi Ricky – Yes they really are innovative designs, and in fact if you have a custom design they will give you an estimate on the cost if you want to email them. Definitely perfect for Halloween. :)

    1. Hi Greg – I’m grateful not to have to deal with contact lenses on a daily basis, but some non-correction lenses just for fun would be nice. They do have some nice “traditional colors” as well as these theatrical ones. I think “Arctic Blue” is the most expensive, at $450.

    1. Hahaha- you’d just have to send your usual prescription in to get the lenses made for your own vision correction prescription. Then when you take them OUT you wouldn’t see a damn thing. 😉

  1. Yeah, I can see how some of those could really turn on your date for the night. Man, I reckon mum and dad could even make some of them a prerequisite for going on a date. Yes you can go but you have to wear these contact lenses.

    The only thing I’d be wary about would be that someone would try on someone else’s contacts as this could be quite dangerous.
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    1. Hi Sire! That might be a really good way to make sure your kids come home early from dates all right.
      Oooh..you’re right. I can see where that would happen. Contact lens solution and lots of eyes and lots of fingers => lots of eye infections around town the next day or so!

    1. Hi Jim! Yes, they really would be cool – especially since you wear contacts and are used to them. Wish they were less expensive, of course, but hey, if you just wore ’em a couple of times a year I guess they’d last “forever.” Thanks for your comment, and please come back to MiscBytes soon!

  2. Haha, thanks for the tip about these lenses that someone can use to lure us in thinking that they may be sick or something – the virus B is certainly very realistic and I will pay attention to any of my staff that tries this to escape from work on a Friday, lol. Better yet, I might just use it myself to escape from those boring meetings, hehe. Great post Christie.
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    1. 😀 Yes, definitely you will recognize if someone is sporting Virus B or Ebola when they come to tell you they’re not feeling well. And great idea! When you know you’re going to a boring meeting, wear one of those sick ones and everyone will be sure to let you miss this one. Thanks DiTesco!

  3. Uh oh…. I think I might have Ebola, as that’s how my eyes look everyday, as I am on my computer all day long and I do not get much sleep 😉

    I have seen several sites carrying these type of contacts and I can definitely see how you could have some fun with them For the price though… that is a little too expensive for the limited amount of joy you will get out of them (IMO).
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    1. LOL yes come to think of it a lot of heavy computer users seem to have a touch of Ebola these days Doug! I’m with you – that price is kind of high for such a limited thing. On the other hand it’s still better than paying a lot for a prom gown. You CAN wear these more than once and even wear them every year! :)

  4. Think my friends will freak out if I use the virus or ebola type! ^^ Although I do find ‘jaw’ a little amusing. Zoltan is really cool looking, so is the mirrored.

    I haven’t been using contact lenses for awhile as staring at the screen makes my eyes dry pretty quickly. The pain of getting them out.. no thanks. lol.. but surely these will be some fine picks during Halloween, don’t you think?

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    1. Ching Ya – I agree – I do think they’d make fun picks for Halloween – or those mirrored or Zoltan might be good for when you really want to look “different.” :) Yes, I like my eyes comfortable and with nothing in them myself though. :)

  5. Hehe, those are so cool. I’ve never tried lenses, but won’t these affect the way you see (in a bad way, I suppose) due to the effects etc. in the lenses?

    Maybe I should start telling people that I’m just wearing special lenses whenever somebody says I look tired and my eyes are red’ish because of too much computer work :)
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    1. Hey Klaus, I think they just have a design on the front surface of the lenses, so it shouldn’t harm your eyes. Yes, hopefully you won’t over time develop permanent Desert Reaper markings!

      That’s it – tell them you are wearing “The Programmer” special effects lenses! Tired, red eyes complete with loads of caffeine!

    1. Hi Jay! The mirrors might be very cool. ‘Course, Halloween isn’t that far off..

      Thanks for your comment, and please come back to MiscBytes soon!

    1. Hey Robert! Well you certainly can wear those Zoltans every day! I’d love to see the look on your clients’ faces when you’re trying to talk to them about work you’re doing and your eyes look like that. 😀

  6. This images are mighty freaky. Why would anyone want to give someone a heart attack from wearing these? I’ve been wearing Freshlook Colorblends in brown & autumn for the past 5 years now though at the moment I’m rocking my glasses for the time being cos I started seeing what I think are floaters.

    It’s a good way to skip work though as you suggested. I wonder if they are difficult to wear cos unlike conventional contacts, they seem to be covering every part of the eyeball.
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  7. I’m a lens addict I have quite a few like hell wolf, black wolf, new moon, hellraiser…just to name a few but I don’t use 9mm , fx eyes are best and they will sell the mirrored lenses to the public, 9mm doesn’t!

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